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Why Smart Homeline?

Are you interested in smart homes?You might have heard the term "smart home" in some context but you're still not sure of what it means exactly, or maybe you're already an expert.

With Smart Homeline you get an easy entrance into the smart home world. Our smart home systems are installed in your new home during the construction process and when it's time for you to move in, everything is already installed and configured so you don't have to mess with the installation process, which for most people is both time-consuming and frustrating.


With Smart Homeline, you can control the interior and exterior lighting to suit your specific preferences. The lighting can be limited by time or control several light sources at the same time, to create the scenario entirely according to your own taste.
Add safety & security to your home by making it smart. With the HOME/AWAY features you can for example, control the water supply to your home via the App or deter burglars by activating the RANDOM LIGHT feature.

A day with Smart Homeline

Make your life easier with by digitalizing your home. Every day we have hundreds of tasks that could be facilitated with a smart home, which gives you more time to spend on things that are valuable to you. Give yourself some piece of mind knowing your home is working for you, not against you. 
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can help you in the day-to-day life? 

Our customers

Control the lighting

“Jag är mycket intresserad av inredning och ljussättning är en viktig del. Nu kan jag fullt utstyra belysningen i olika scenarion, ljusnivåer och ljusfärger för bästa upplevelse!”

The Anderssons, Malmö

Our customers

Remote access from abroad

"Since we live partly in Spain we absolutely love being able to control the house at home via the App and rest assured knowing our house is safe and secure."

The Johanssons, Gothenburg

Our customers

Anyone can use it

“Hela familjen uppskattar hemma-borta knappen. Vi behöver aldrig mer fundera på kaffekokaren eller om vi släckt på ovanvåningen.”

The Björkmans, Stockholm

Our customers

Super simple and very convenient

“Det vi tycker mest om med vår smarta hemlösning är Godnattknappen vid sängen och att systemet är så enkelt att hela familjen kan använda det.”

The Abrahamssons, Kungsbacka

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Smart Homeline is a brand that sells and is market by Compare-IT Nordic AB (556689-5529) that develops and produces smart home systems.

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