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With the Good Morning scenario, you no longer have to guess where you are going in the dark. The Good Morning scenario turns on the lighting in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and hallway to get you off to a good start to the day.


Your smart home has aN HOME / AWAY push button at the front door. On the way out of the home, you activate the AWAY mode which extinguishes all controlled lighting and switches off the water (optional) to avoid accidents. If you forget to press the button, you can always activate the AWAY mode remotely via the app.

The perfect lighting

With Smart Homeline dimmers you can adjust the brightness to fit your specific needs. Perhaps you want to dim the light over the kitchen table for a beautiful mood lighting when you are in the room next door? Maybe you want to create a cozy atmosphere for the movie night? Or why not maximize brightness when the kids want to play?

Smart Assistant

Your smart home is compatible with Google Home/Mini Voice Assistant. Turn on or off the lights or activate scenarios with your voice. You no longer have to pick up your phone or get up to press the button.

"OK Google, activate dining room lighting"


Skapa ett mys-scenario som dimmar din belysning till exakt de nivåer du vill ha för din myskväll. Du kan aktivera detta scenario med en tryckknapp (tillval), i appen eller med röststyrning om du har Google Voice Assistant. Läs mer om Google Home i våra nyheter.

Good night!

Har du en God Natt-knapp (tillval) i sovrummet så kan du enkelt släcka all styrd belysning i ditt hem med ett knapptryck så du slipper stiga upp. Funktionen är även tillgänglig i appen eller via Google Voice Assistant ifall du inte har en fast installerad tryckknapp. Köp din Google Home here.

Smart Homeline is a brand that sells and is market by Compare-IT Nordic AB (556689-5529) that develops and produces smart home systems.

Smart Homeline


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