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Here, you can view which functions come as standard and which come as optional. Note: standard and optional functions may differ depending on what is included in your smart home installation.


The HOME / AWAY push button is located at the front door and is marked with clear icons.

When HOME is activated, a welcoming lighting is lit so you do not have to look for the light buttons.

The AWAY mode extinguishes all controlled lighting in your home and shuts off the connection to the water to avoid accidents (optional). 

Lighting & Dimmers

Turn ON / OFF or dim your controlled lighting completely to your own preferences. You can control your lighting as usual with your push buttons in your smart home or through the App.

Smart Homeline also supported by Google voice control so you can control your lighting with voice commands via Google speakers Home/Mini. 


Scenarios are an effective way to control several things at the same time in your home. For example, you can turn on the lighting in several rooms at the same time with the push of a button or put a time-control on your facades' lighting.

Smart Homeline comes delivered with a number of standard scenarios pre-programmed so you can get started straight away without any hassle. If you want to change the lighting settings in the predefined scenarios or add / remove features, you can do this either directly in the app or in My Pages.

See suggestions for more scenarios here

    Google Assistant

    There is something magical about being able to voice control functions in your smart home.

    With Google voice control, you can control the lighting in your smart home exactly as you want and also activate scenarios or groups.

    Vill du verkligen imponera på dina vänner vid nästa middagsbjudning? Säg “OK Google, activate dining room lighting ”

    Read more about Voice Assistant

    The App & My Pages

    To get started with the Smart Homeline app, start by downloading it from Google Play or Apples Appstore. Once you have registered, there will be some default settings already configured for you to get started quickly. Then it is only up to you to explore and set up your smart home according to your own liking.

    If you want to make more advanced settings, this is done in My Pages. Log in with your account on your computer and explore My Pages. You can configure details in the programming view or purchase additional dimmers for your smart home. 

    Get started with the App & My Pages

    Connected Alarms


    Connect your Verisure alarm to your smart home and the HOME / AWAY mode is automatically activated when entering/leaving the residence.

    When your Verisure alarms, all interior lights up and at the same time the exterior lights flash, which should divert the burglar. This feature calls for the attention of the surrounding area even more clearly in addition to the built-in Verisure alarm functions. 

    Water protection


    When you leave your residence and activate AWAY mode, the main water circuit will be turned off to avoid water damage in your home when you are away from home.

    Just started the washing machine or dishwasher before you go? No worries, we'll wait a few hours after activating AWAY mode before we turn off the water supply to your home.

      Fire alarm


      Your Smart Homeline fire alarms will alert you should a fire arise in your home. Additionally, all controlled lighting is lit and the lamp in the hall will flash to make it easier for you to find the exit if your home is smoke-filled.

      Also, the power to the stove is cut off immediately to minimize the damage if dry boiling is the cause of the fire alarm.

      HOME / AWAY + Random Light

      With the AWAY mode enabled, you can choose to have the Random Light feature active at the same time.

      The Random Light feature is controlled by the astrour and after sunset your lighting will be turned on and off at random intervals to give potential burglars the impression that someone is home.

      HOME / AWAY + NIBE Uplink

      If your home is heated by a boiler from NIBE, you can connect your smart home with the heating system.* Smart Homeline automatically activates save-mode when you activate the AWAY mode as you're leaving your residency. Not only will this save unnecessary costs, but it is also more environmentally friendly since the emissions of your home reduce.


      *This feature requires NIBE Uplink

      Smart Homeline is a brand that sells and is market by Compare-IT Nordic AB (556689-5529) that develops and produces smart home systems.

      Smart Homeline


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