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OBS: Smart Homeline är ett varumärke som säljs och marknadsförs av Compare-IT Nordic AB (556689-5529).


This policy was applied 2018-05-25.

Compare-IT Nordic AB, 556689-5529, Åkergränden 7, 226 60 LUND is responsible for your personal data. It is important to us that your privacy is protected and respected when you visit our website or use our Apps and cloud service My Pages ("our services").

The privacy policy contains information about what personal information we collect about you, why we collect it and how we use it. It also explains what rights you have when you give us the confidence to process your personal data. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, you are welcome to contact us via

Personal data

We collect personal information about you when you visit, connect to, sign up for, create an account for, or make purchases within, or otherwise use our services. Which personal data we collect depends on the circumstances and which services you use, but can for example consist of the points below.

Personal information that you choose to provide to us:

  • name, e-mail address, telephone number and address
  • Mac ID (serial number of product), password
  • information that we ask you to provide when you report a support case
  • other information that you provide when you join our services or order additional services

User-generated personal data:

  • when you enter the postcode, city and country, the position is generated, which is converted into coordinates to determine the city (to offer astro functionality),
  • information about your behavior and how you navigate our services,
  • information about your visits to our services,
  • information regarding your IP address


We process your personal data for the following purposes:


  • To be able to provide our services to you, among other things to meet your requests, give you a better experience of our services and to manage our contractual relationship with you.
  • To ensure that updates to our services are sent to you and your control system in the most efficient way.
  • To adapt your experiences of our services to you personally based on your use and your behavior.
  • To manage payments for your account and send you order and billing information.
  • To administer your purchases so that you get the content you are entitled to.
  • To send you mobile push notifications if you want to get current information.
  • För att kommunicera med dig angående ditt konto, din beställning av våra tjänster eller hantering av eventuell prenumeration.
  • To notify you of changes in our services.
  • To conduct services and user surveys that help us give you a better experience of our services.
  • To send you offers, news, information, products or services that you ask us for.

Additional purposes

  • To conduct analyzes at an aggregate level in order to improve our products and services.
  • To improve our services, identify violations and protect your data using log files.
  • To provide information in connection with mergers and acquisitions within the framework of the business and strategic management of our business.
  • To be able to send you product offers, news, information and products or services that we think you may be interested in.
  • For analytical and statistical purposes in order to improve our services.

Marketing purpose

  • To send you newsletters by e-mail. Please note that you can unsubscribe from such messages at any time by unsubscribing.

Legal basis in the Data Protection Regulation, which we invoke in support of our processing of personal data

We invoke the following in support of our personal data processing:

  • In order for us to fulfill our agreement with you, we need to store certain personal information.
  • To take advantage of our interests to develop, manage, protect and market our services as well as for the business and strategic management of our business.
  • Personal data is stored for marketing purposes only if we have received consent from you for such processing.

When we ask you for personal information that we have stated is "mandatory" in any way, it is personal information that is necessary for us to be able to provide our services and thereby fulfill our agreement with you.

Data transfer

We do not disclose your personal information to other companies / partners without your consent. If you wish to supplement our services and we need to transfer personal data to partners to carry out delivery of the service, we will only do so after you have given your consent.

As we described above, we can also use data at an aggregate level to control how our services are used so that we can improve and develop them. We may disclose such aggregated information to third parties, e.g. house builders and property owners. Aggregate data of this kind does not contain any personal data, which can be linked to you.

Third-party vendors

We may hire third-party vendors to perform services for us, such as providing infrastructure and IT services (such as data storage), managing credit and debit card payments, providing services to our customers, improving data, processing customer inquiries and performing other statistical analysis. Third party providers have access to your personal data when performing these services, but only have the right to process them on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions.

Secure storage of personal data

We take all necessary measures to ensure that your personal data is processed securely and in accordance with this privacy policy. We have taken appropriate protective measures to protect them.

How long is your personal information stored?

We only store your personal information for as long as it is required for the purposes described above under the heading "Purpose". We then delete them securely or, in some cases, anonymize them. Because we process your personal data for different purposes, the time your data is actually saved will vary depending on the circumstances.

Task  ExampleStorage time
Account detailsUsername, passwordUntil the account is deleted
PermissionsUsers of AppsUntil the account is deleted
PurchaseComplementary services in the web shopUntil the account is deleted
Log files   Use of systems, bugs Until the account is deleted
User informationNavigering i systemetUntil the account is deleted
Support informationWarranty issuesUntil the warranty expires
Support informationSupport tickets3 months after the ticket is closed
Withdrawal of consent Newsletters, marketing Deleted within 24 hours

This is how your personal data is protected

All personal information that you provide to us is stored on secure servers and we apply robust processes to protect them against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alterations, disclosures or destruction.

Access to your personal information

If you want more information from us about your personal data and how it is processed or if you need to update / correct personal data that you have provided to us, you have the following rights:

  • Right of access to your personal data: You have the right to a confirmation from us as to whether we process personal data concerning you and, if so, to have access to the personal data and information.
  • Right to delete personal data: If you have revoked a consent you previously gave, you have the right to demand that we delete your personal data.
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority: You have the right to lodge a complaint regarding our processing of your personal data with the competent supervisory authority.

If our processing of your personal data takes place with the support of your consent, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time (this does not affect the processing that took place with the support of your consent before it was revoked) by contacting us or, if applicable, change the settings in our services.

We ask you to contact us via if you want to exercise any or all of your rights. We will apply commercially reasonable measures to respond to a request from you within 20 days of receipt. If we are unable to respond to your request within 20 days of receipt, we will notify you of the reason for this and when we believe we will be able to fulfill your request.

We also ask you to note that you can change your preferences regarding contacts from us at any time if you no longer want certain information from us by contacting us via

Changes to the privacy policy

We may make changes to our privacy policy and it is therefore important that you regularly check the latest version of this policy. When we make changes to the privacy policy, we publish the changes on our website . We can make changes to our privacy policy and that. If there are significant changes, we will also notify you in a clearer way, for example by sending you an e-mail. If we change this Privacy Policy in a way that affects how we use your personal information, we will notify you of any action you may take as a result of these changes. It is therefore important that you regularly check the latest version of this policy. When we make changes to the privacy policy, we publish the changes on our website


You can contact Compare-IT by sending an e-mail to

Smart Homeline is a brand that sells and is market by Compare-IT Nordic AB (556689-5529) that develops and produces smart home systems.

Smart Homeline


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