Control your smart home with Google Home Assistant

Apr 27, 2020

What is Google Home?

Google Home smart home is a digital assistant that helps you with a variety of things through two-way communication between you and the assistant. If you want to give commands to the Google Assistant, start by accreting it by either saying "Ok Google" or "Hello Google" and then tell it what you want help with.

There are two models of Google's voice-controlled system, namely, Home and Mini.

The difference between them is that, among other things, Google Home has a stronger speaker and the Mini comes with fewer buttons & functions. As the name itself says, the Mini is a smaller variant of Home. Google Home has buttons on the top that let you adjust the volume, control the music you type, or launch Google Assistant.

google home smarta hem assistent
Google Home
google nest mini smarta hem assistent
Google Mini

In addition to managing your smart home, the Google Assistant can answer questions, read the latest news, tell you about the weather, play music, control the TV and more. If you're bored, the Google Assistant can even read some jokes to spread some joy! All without ever having to press a button.

A short film from our test lab showing some of the features you will find here.

Get started with your Google Home / Mini Assistant

To use Google Home in your smart home, you need a smartphone (Android or iOS) with the Google Home App installed.
To get started with Google Home, follow these steps:

1. Open the Google Home app  on a mobile device.
2. Press Add  on the Home tab.
3. Press Configure device
4. Press Already have configured devices?
5. Select Compare-IT from the list of devices
6. Complete the setup by following the instructions on your phone.

More detailed information can be found on the Google Home website here.

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We wish you great pleasure with Google Home Voice Assistant!

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