Smart home - what does it actually mean?

Jul 7, 2020

What is a smart home?

Smart homes are a relatively new concept, but the technology itself has actually existed since the 90s. On the other hand, demand has increased sky-rocketed in the last decade due to rise of smartphones and the digitalisation of various services. Every day our world becomes more and more "smarter".

Smart homes are often described as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). It can be said that a smart home is a number of connected sensors/devices in the home. They communicate with each other and a user via a cloud-connected Internet service. With automation and learned intelligence, the home becomes more digital. Various everyday tasks are digitized and make our lives easier and more efficient.

It can e.g. be that lighting is turned on at a certain time with the help of motion sensors or that open windows/doors generate sends a notice to the user so that they do not leave home unsecured. Water leaks are also prevented with a sensor that alerts in the event of a leak. In addition, you can voice control the home's technology with a smart speaker like Google Home.

In short, a smart home gives you peace of mind with the help of smart comfort and security functions.

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Why should a home be smart?

As we mentioned earlier, most things around us today are smart and digitalized to make our lives easier. So why shouldn't a home be smart too?



A home that is smart reduces your worries when leave your home vacant. You might often think: Did I turn off the stove? Is the iron still on? Are the patio doors open? What about the lighting upstairs, did I forget that off as well? 

Our HOME/AWAY function means that you do not have to think about all this. All controlled lighting and controlled wall sockets are switched off when you press the AWAY button at the front door. Should you forget to press the button, the AWAY function can be activated remotely via the App. For example, if the patio door or a window is open, smart door / window sensors * send a notification to your smartphone when the AWAY mode is activated as you're leaving.

To further increase security, the water supply is also turned off when the home is in AWAY mode. This is done to avoid tedious and costly water damage should a water leak occur when you are not at home.

Are you often away and worried about burglars? Then you will love the Smart Homelines RANDOM LIGHTS feature. The lighting in your smart home is switched on / off randomly when it is dark outside to give potential burglars the impression that someone is at home. 

You can read more about all our features here.

* Optional function to be launched in autumn 2020.



Wouldn't it be great if you could turn on several lights at the same time? Perhaps you want your window lighting to turn on automatically at sunset? Or maybe you've just tucked yourself in for the night and realise that you forgot to switch off the living room lights?

Smart Homeline assists you with simple everyday routines like the ones we just mentioned. You can create scenarios that turn on several light sources to exactly the levels you like to create the "right" mood. Also, you can control one or more lights with fixed time settings or at sunset/sunrise. All controlled lighting and controlled wall sockets can also be controlled via the app or with voice control so that you do not have to get up to press a physical button on the wall.

It is literally only your imagination that sets the limits for how you make your everyday life smoother and easier with Smart Homeline.


More efficient energy consumption

A common energy thief in homes today are lights that you forget to turn off when you leave home. The AWAY function ensures that all controlled lighting and controlled wall sockets are switched off to minimize energy consumption when you are not at home. 

You can also integrate the AWAY function to a NIBE boiler* so that the boiler automatically sets itself into a stand-by position to save energy and the environment when your home isn't occupied.

Furthermore, if you enjoy keeping track of the power consumption in your home then you'll most certainly find value in a smart home system by Smart Homeline. All controlled lighting and controlled wall sockets measure energy consumption so you can keep track of exactly which source is using the most energy in the Smart Homeline app.

* Requires NIBE Uplink.


The value?

In addition to the obvious value that the functions in a smart home give you in your everyday life, the overall monetary value of your home will probably also increase if you have a smart home system installed.

It is a wise way to secure the future of your home and will certainly be a positive feature in the event of a sale.


What is required to install Smart Homeline?

Does this sounds interesting?

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