Aug 26, 2020

We are moving to an inspiring tech environment in Malmö

On the 24th of August Compare-IT Nordic AB (publ) moved HQ to the newly renovated Slagthuset in Malmö, right next to the central station. The reason for the geographical change is partly due to the environment being more tech stimulating, but also because of future projects in the metropolitan area. This is done to support the company's vision, which is to become a leading player in the digitalization of properties. The new location also houses Softhouse - Compare-IT Nordic AB's largest owner.

In the firm's continued work towards becoming a leading player in digitalisation of properties, further development of the integration platform for smart properties plays an essential part. The move provides important proximity and access to increased software resources in order to further develop the offerings. Digitalization permeates our entire society and digital property management is only at the beginning of its transfer.

Currently, the company is conducting is a pilot project with one of the Nordic region's largest residential property companies, Heimstaden. They strive to offer smart homes to their tenants that are suitable for anyone. Anyone should be able to handle the system, regardless of prior technological experience. In order to achieve this goal, Heimstaden has chosen "Smart Homeline" from Compare-IT.

For Compare-IT's part, the move to central Malmö where they'll share location with other technology companies, means the opportunity to offer an attractive work environment for future recruitments increases.

Additionally, the new office building also houses organizations, for example, the Internet Foundation with the entrepreneurial hub GoTo10.

The address of the new location is: Compare-IT Nordic AB, Carlsgatan 12A 6 tr, 211 20 MALMÖ
Here's a comment from Kerstin Lindkvist Toms, the CEO of Compare-IT Nordic AB:

“We are very happy to move in and conduct business in a new and inspiring tech environment in Malmö.
We see the environment as an important source of competence and we see great benefits in being close to companies with various
skills that, inevitably, will take the company to the next level.”

For more information

Kerstin Lindkvist Toms
CEO, Compare-IT Nordic AB
Telephone: 0733-19 06 30
E-mail: kerstin@compare-it.se

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